She did everything Fred Astaire did, and she did it backwards and in high heels,” is probably the best description of just how good a dancer Ginger Rogers really was. The girl had beauty, talent, and spunk to the nines. In one of her very first movies, Young Man of Manhattan (1930), she sparked a catchphrase for young women of the era — “Cigarette me, big boy” — and she was the epitome of the day’s sophisticated lady. No wonder, then, that the restaurant Absinthe in San Francisco (398 Hayes St.; 415-551-1590) has commemorated the late actress with a cocktail named in her honor. It’s a drink with plenty of fizz, spice, and, like Ms. Rogers herself, plenty of kick.

ginger rogers cocktail
6 mint leaves
1/2 oz. ginger syrup (made with mashed fresh ginger,
sugar, and water)
1 1/2 oz. bombay sapphire gin
juice of one-half a lemon and one-half a lime
splash of ginger ale

in a cocktail shaker, place mint leaves and pour in ginger syrup. muddle until broken up. add gin and juices, then ice cubes, and shake till very cold. pour into a tall pilsner glass and top off with ginger ale. garnish with a lime wedge.“