Some Italians say “gli” is the hardest sound in their language for Americans to pronounce, so it’s hard to figure why you’d name a U.S. movie Gigli. Stranger still is why you’d cast Ben Affleck as a hit man, or put him in the same movie with the more talented Jennifer Lopez. Then again, they’re pretty and they’re engaged. That’s good marketing. Oh, the plot? It’s a romantic comedy with Gigli (Affleck) hired to kidnap the brother of a federal prosecutor. He fails and another gangster, Ricki (Lopez), is sent to make things right. Gigli falls for Ricki, which makes a mess of the whole kidnapping thing.

Nicolas Cage is Roy, a con man who is about to pull off a major scam when his teenage daughter unexpectedly drops back into his life. A morality struggle ensues. What’s really promising here is that Cage’s character is weird. He’s obsessive-compulsive, the kind of quirky that fits Cage perfectly. Remember Cage’s H.I. in Raising Arizona? Roy is kind of like that, except way, way more organized and without the cheesy mustache. Opens August 8.