Imagine a six-foot-long wing aileron stripped from a junked Fairchild C-199 transport serving as an eye-catching executive desktop. Or an A-7 Corsair cockpit canopy having a second life as a club chair. Now see the designs of Giancarlo De Astis, whose flights of furniture fancy even include a circular conference table incorporating the titanium-bladed stator from a Pratt & Whitney turbine engine.

A 41-year-old former Hollywood marketing executive, De Astis offers a variety of designs at his Los Angeles showroom, ranging from an $850 picture frame constructed out of a 707 landing light lens, to a $15,000 reception table from a B-52 twin-engine cowling. Custom orders are welcome, and each of the designer’s one-of-a-kind pieces comes with the ready answer to every gawker’s question: a scale model of the plane on which the parts formerly flew. (310) 839-2899,