Host Cities at a Glance

Population: 1.3 million
Game Days: June 9, six p.m. (Cup opener); June 14, six p.m.; June18, six p.m.; June 21, nine p.m.; June 24, five p.m.; July 5, nine p.m. Don't forget: Munich has everything a major European city has to offer, including lots of shopping. Don't miss: nearby historic Augsburg. Dachau is also nearby. Take a drive up Germany's famed "Romantic Road."

Population: 1.7 million
Game Days: June 10, nine p.m.; June 15, three p.m.; June 19, six p.m.; June 22, four p.m.; June 30, nine p.m. Don't forget: The "Venice of the North" and Germany's second-largest metropolitan area. Check out the fantastic Fischmarkt (a market for much more than just fish) and take a relaxing harbor cruise. It's the home base for the U.S. team.

Population: 590,000
Game Days: June 13, six p.m.; June 16, six p.m.; June 19, nine p.m.; June 22, nine p.m.; June 25, five p.m.; July 8, nine p.m. Don't forget: Take in the gorgeous Schlossplatzand the spectacular Schlossgarten. Groove in Bohnenviertel ("bean quarter"), home to many of the town's hipper bars and restaurants.

Population: 1 million
Game Days: June 11, nine p.m.; June 17, six p.m.; June 20, nine p.m.; June 23, nine p.m.; June 26, nine p.m. Don't forget: Schmitz recommends Lapidarium. "It's not really my style of pub, but it's a good place to watch football. A typical Cologne experience would be a visit to the Kolner Dom and then to Frueh am Dom, a big, famous pub/restaurant." Also visit nearby Bonnand Aachen.

Population: 640,000
Game Days: June 10, three p.m.; June 13, three p.m.; June 17, three p.m.; June 21, nine p.m.; July 1, nine p.m. Don't forget: Eylert recommends viewing games via the giant TV screen that will be placed in the middle of the Main River.

Population: 590,000
Game Days: June 10, six p.m.; June 14, nine p.m.; June 19, three p.m.; June 22, nine p.m.; June 27, five p.m.; July 4, nine p.m. Don't forget: Excellent beer. Take a brewery tour in the Ruhr area or go walking and cycling in and around Sauerland.

Population: 3.39 million
Game Days: June 13, nine p.m.; June 15, nine p.m.; June 20, four p.m.; June 23, four p.m.; June 30, five p.m.; July 9, eight p.m. (final) Don't forget: See the Palace of the Republic before it gets knocked down. Berhalter recommends Mao Thai restaurant in the popular Prenzlauer Berg area and Bar Maxwell in Mitte. The Berlin Philharmonic orchestra plays outside on June 18.

Population: 520,000
Game Days: June 12, nine p.m.; June 16, nine p.m.; June 20, four p.m.; June 23, nine p.m.; June 27, nine p.m. Don't forget: Cherundolo recommends the Steintor area where "a lot of the foreigners meet and hang out," and central walking and shopping district Kroepke.

Population: 495,000
Game Days: June 11, three p.m.; June 14, three p.m.; June 18, nine p.m.; June 21, four p.m.; June 24, nine p.m. Don't forget: July features the Bach Music Competition. Die-hard fans should visit Thomaskirche, the late-Gothic church where the musical genius was choirmaster.

Population: 490,000
Game Days: June 11, six p.m.; June 15, six p.m.; June 18, three p.m.; June 22, four p.m.; June 25, nine p.m. Don't forget: Eat the famed gingerbread, visit Kaiserburgcastle, and shop at the flea-­market-esque Hauptmark.

Population: 278,000
Game Days: June 9, nine p.m.; June 12, six p.m.; June 16, three p.m.; June 21, four p.m.; July 1, five p.m. Don't forget: Even if you're not going to make it to the games, go see AufSchalke, one of Europe's most fabulous stadiums. Shop in the city center, Bahnhofstrasse.

Population: 100,000
Game Days: June 12, three p.m.; June 17, nine p.m.; June 20, nine p.m.; June 23, four p.m.; June 26, five p.m. Don't forget: Visit the imperial palace and hang out and relaxin Martinsplatz.