"Go to anything at the Kennedy Center. There's always three or four different things going on. You have the National Symphony Orchestra, and several times a year they'll have The Washington Opera. There are always first-run theater performances, plus the American Film Institute does their classic films there. They're always having different festivals. There's nothing like the view from the terrace of the Kennedy Center overlooking the Potomac on a nice night. It's just gorgeous. "


"On Sunday, after you've watched This Week on ABC, the best place to go is Dumbarton Oaks. It's hidden away, way up above Georgetown. It was an old mansion that belonged to former ambassador Robert Woods Bliss and his wife Mildred. They gave it to Harvard in 1940; it's a museum that specializes in Byzantine and pre-Columbian art. But even more spectacular is what's behind the mansion: lovely formal gardens, which you can walk through on Sunday afternoon. It's quiet and it feels like it's just been plucked out of another century."

"In the fall, take a drive out Skyline Drive into the Virginia Hills. It's wonderful. If you're ambitious, it's nice to drive out to Monticello, Jefferson's home. I've done it. The most memorable time was actually when Clinton was first inaugurated. We drove into D.C. on a bus and stopped off at Monticello on the way. At Monticello, you see Jefferson's genius. He was the architect. You see his wine cellar, his plans for the grounds, a great collection of his writings. It's special. It's been meticulously restored. An exquisite place."