"If you were doing the Mall on Saturday, you would end up toward Dupont Circle. I would have lunch at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe, the best bookstore in America. You've got books in the front and a cafe in the back. They often have music Wednesday through Saturday nights. They have a great lunch and the world's most friendly and fascinating manager, Michael Sean Winters. He knows everyone in town and he'll sit down with White House aides, with gallery owners, with journalists. If you want something more casual, try Pizzeria Paradiso on P Street. There's always a line, but it's worth it. My favorite is the four cheese. Don't worry about the calories. Get Gorgonzola, Parmesan, fontina, and mozzarella all in one."

"Washington is a great walking city. The city is divided into four different quadrants, but it doesn't feel congested. In Georgetown, you can walk along the towpath on the canal, where Jimmy Carter used to jog. It's a great dirt track. You can go for miles on the towpath. As you head toward Georgetown University, there are these narrow steps that go almost straight up by the towpath to Georgetown. Those stairs are famous from The Exorcist, the scene where someone tumbles down them. When I first moved to Washington, I was in much better shape than I am now, and I used to run up those steps."

"For Saturday night, go to the Palm. That's the power restaurant, heavy on the political crowd. It's always filled with Cabinet members. James Carville is there all the time, Vernon Jordan. … The power brokers hang out at the Palm. There are two things to get - steak and lobster. I usually go for the steak, but my wife likes the lobster. It's a lot of heads turning, people trying to figure out who's saying what to who at which table … and a lot of fun. It's a loud, happy place."