The malt used for Schlenkerla is made right at the brewery, rather than purchased from an outside source. Beechwood smoke, a Bamberg signature, is passed through the germinating barley for two or three days, smoking and drying the malt at the same time. The Schlenkerla that’s easiest to find in the States is the Märzen pictured here, but there are two other Schlenkerla smoked beers as well, a seasonal Ur-Bock and a Weizen.


Alaskan Smoked Porter ($3)
Opulent and Chocolaty
Try it with vanilla ice cream and raspberries

Stone Smoked Porter ($3)
Fruity and Luscious
Great with oysters

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier ($3.50)
Intense and Malty
Serve it with hearty sausages or aged cheeses