Remember when being called a geek was an insult? Now the term geek is très chic. The once-hidden-behind-a-computer-screen brainiacs are venturing into a variety of businesses and industries. PC Magazine describes “The New Geek” as technically trained, but comfortable in a wide range of disciplines, from science to general business and the arts. Here are a few whom we think epitomize this more holistic approach to technology.

Female CEO Geek Carly Fiorina, chairman and CEO of HP. Stylish and forward-­thinking, Fiorina is rapidly turning HP from an engineering culture into a product-innovative, marketing-driven machine.

Music Geek Clay Aiken, singer and American Idol winner. This self-proclaimed good ol’ boy geek has young girls swooning like a previous generation did for another shy Southern son with funny hair.

Male CEO Geek Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. iPod. Do we need to say more? Jobs got the whole world thinking of music with great technology inside a small, supercool, easy-to-use white box.

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Comic Geek Jon Stewart, comedian and host of The Daily Show. Supersmart, slightly nerdy, and totally hilarious, he shows us that serious discussions on politics and culture can be oh-so-fun.
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Movie Geek Peter Jack-son, director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s hairy, he’s unfashionable, and he’s tech-obsessed, but his magical Rings movies made sci-fi cool for everyone.