Range Rover has one of the most durable reputations in the off-road category, and its engineers stayed true to the original concept when they came up with this year's breed. It's a Range Rover, only better.

First, there's a Terrain Response system - now standard for '07s - that lets you match your vehicle's braking, suspension, power train, and so on with the landscape you choose to drive on. But what's sparking most of the buzz this year is a new V-8 diesel engine that replaces the old V-6 and adds a lot more get-up-and-go than you've ever felt here before. This is a luxury 4x4 with significantly improved performance specs and a more authoritative claim to quiet power. At top speeds of 124 to 130 mph, you won't have a vehicle that can compete with one of the luxury sports cars on display here - unless, of course, you choose to leave the road behind.

Roughing it was never this easy.

No official price set yet, but the 2006 MSRP started at $75,000.