Bentley Continental GTC

Auto blogs were buzzing about this speed demon as soon as it purred its way onto the showroom circuit earlier this year. There's more glamour here than in a night out with Scarlett Johansson.

If you've always wondered what life is like in the fast lane, sans Scarlett, there's no better way to see for yourself than behind the wheel of this luxury convertible. The 12-cylinder, 552-horsepower engine rockets to a top speed of 195 mph (with the top up), or a state-trooper-pleasing 60 in under five seconds. That's less time than it took to read that last sentence.

The Bentley people are quite emphatic, though, about the tamer elements of the Continental GTC. The designers stiffened the body to improve handling, and there's an all-wheel-drive system (natch in this class) you'll need to maintain your trajectory. Practicality is worth a lot of points on any car, even this winsome beauty. And they made it easy to handle, so you won't feel like you're fighting every mile down the freeway on the daily commute.

You'll know you're in the hands of a luxury master the second you slip behind the wheel. The wood is natural, and the leather is the real thing - just like this convertible.

A mere $189,990.