The Fast and the Luxurious 2007 will be a bumper year for cars designed to outperform, outmuscle, and outcool everything else on your block.

Sure, most of the news about driving these days starts with gas-induced price headaches and then moves on to whether the Detroit auto giants are mapping a short ride to the boneyard. But beyond where the headlines hit the road, you'll find a few secluded places where clever automotive engineers are blending a bold mix of classic designs and razor-sharp technology in the great race to produce an eye-catching title contender for master of the American road.

These engineers know there are still plenty of people who grew up sitting in the back row of French class, drawing the outline of a Mustang from memory and feeling a breeze that never came through those tilt windows. These are the people who still turn their heads at every classic coupe that rolls by. And while these drivers may never have learned much French, they can debate the finer points of automotive performance with a singular passion.

Whether they love or crave such automotive gems, real car enthusiasts never lose their taste for celebrating something better.

You know who you are.

We've gathered a magazine showroom of this year's upcoming top-of-the-line cars - from hybrids to the luxury lines, and from muscle machines to sports vehicles. Every one of them pushes the envelope on auto design, from your first glance to your last backward plea for some time at the wheel.

Crank your mental engines, please, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to get revved up.