Hoover's Vision: Original Thinking For Business Success
By Gary Hoover, Texere Publishing, $26.95

Gary Hoover, the entrepreneur who created the book superstore and revolutionized bookselling, has made his second foray into the literary world. This time he’s an author expounding on what it takes to turn fresh ideas into successful businesses. And his insights into ways to turn a vision into a big payoff are of genuine interest. Hoover started BOOKSTOP and sold the chain to Barnes & Noble for $41.5 million, then went on to cofound Hoover’s, a business information provider that went public in 1999. He talks about these successes as well as his failures — he’s also the father of TravelFest, a travel superstore that was shuttered last year. Hoover also analyzes strategies of other Texas entrepreneurs, including computer czar Michael Dell and John Mackey of natural grocer Whole Foods Market, to convey his message that innovation, not imitation, is the key to success.

The Most Effective Organization in the U.S.: Leadership Secrets of the Salvation Army
By Robert A. Watson and Ben Brown, Crown Business, $25

Its title and reason for being both spring from a Peter F. Drucker quote, but this book by the ex-head of the Salvation Army in America is no quickie exploitation of the management meister’s plug. An inspiring and practical vision of a very different way to run a large organization.