LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Who says gaming has to be a solitary pursuit? From March 19-21, you can visit San Francisco’s Moscone Center to shake hands (and compare swollen thumbs) with more than 23,000 fellow interactive-entertainment enthusiasts at the annual GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE'S EXPO. The expo will feature the latest PC, console, indie, mobile, casual and free-to-play diversions; here’s a small sampling of show highlights:

LEGO Marvel Superheroes
PLAY IT: Thwart Doctor Doom’s and Loki’s plans in action-packed showdowns or control more than 100 popular comic heroes and villains like Spider-Man, Thor and Magneto. It’s great for family play and features familiar locales from Stark Tower to the X-Mansion. Just remember to be a good sport and share the controller.
FOR: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PS Vita, Nintendo DS
FROM: Warner Bros.

PLAY IT: Futuristic gunplay and multiplayer matches are set in a world of giant mechanized (and heavily armed) robots. From the creators of Call of Duty, this critically acclaimed newcomer ramps up the pyrotechnics and scale of futuristic sci-fi warfare.
FOR: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360
FROM: Electronic Arts

Jane Jensen's Moebius
PLAY IT: A master storyteller returns with a metaphysical thriller that sees globe-trotting antique dealer Malachi Rector visiting exotic cities to solve puzzles and investigating historical events to unravel a murder. Inspired by BBC’s Sherlock, this snappy-looking and intelligent adventure will change how you look at space and time.
FOR: Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android
FROM: Phoenix Online Studios

PLAY IT: Tire-screeching turn-and-burn action stars prominently in this high-octane racer from the makers of popular arcade outing MotorStorm. Players can hop into the driver’s seat and sprint for the finish line or join Internet-ready clubs to compete or connect socially with fellow wheelmen.
FOR: PlayStation 4
FROM: Sony