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Changing your swing is hard, but upgrading your game doesn’t have to be, with the help of the latest, greatest clubs on the market.

1 Adams Golf Idea a12 OS Hybrid $280
This innovative club features velocity-slot technology — which is a fancy way of saying it helps you hit the ball straight and far. Its design is partly inspired by a trampoline, so the face recoils at impact and launches the ball at an increased speed. A cambered sole limits resistance, and the clubhead’s low profile makes it easy to hit. www.adamsgolf.com

2 TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons From $899
If Goldilocks were a golfer, she’d fall for this family of forged irons, which appeal to players of all types. The MB has a clean, compact look that’s perfect for purists. The more forgiving CB is better for newbies. And the MC blends the best of both. All three models feature precision clubhead weighting for consistent performance. www.taylormadegolf.com

3 Mizuno JPX-800 Driver $300
A traditional-looking club that draws on futuristic technology, the JPX-800 features a six-piece, plasma-welded clubhead built with varied thicknesses to ensure that shots maintain their speed, even on mishits. A five-gram weight on the heel helps you square the club at impact, and a 10-gram weight in back shifts the center of gravity deeper, allowing for higher launch. www.mizunousa.com