PGA Tour pro David Frost, 42, could very well have the greatest job: Pro golfer by day (ranked No. 1 in putt accuracy in 2001), and an oenophile making his own wines in his spare time. Born in South Africa, Frost first learned the game at age 14 when he acted as caddy for his father, earning an impressive $1 a round. (For a review of Frost’s Cabernet Sauvignon, check out February 1, 2002’s “3 Bottles”

AW: How do you explain your successful putting skills?
I’m not a long-ball hitter, I’m just fortunate that I’m a good putter. I’ve got soft hands and my pre-short routine includes a bunch of things: I envision the ball going in the hole every time I putt, no matter if it’s from 30 feet, or 10 feet, or 5 feet. I always feel that I’m going to make the putt, which gives me a good chance to put it in.

AW: Do other players ask you for advice?
Oh, yeah. One time I was looking at Ed Fryatt’s putting and gave him a bit of advice. The next day he shot a 61. After that, he put a $1.99 box of wine in my locker. Obviously, I knew he was kidding, but I keep waiting for the real bottle to arrive.

AW: What’s great about playing on the Tour?
I really enjoy the camaraderie that occurs. One thing that’s real nice is to win a tournament, show up at the next event, and the other players are congratulating you on that previous week’s performance. You don’t even have to win, just play well and the guys congratulate you. The enjoyment of winning goes a much longer way than just the money.

AW: What wine goes down best after a round of golf?
Well, if you’re playing golf in warm weather, it’s good to cool down with a Sauvignon Blanc. That’s nice and refreshing.

— J.E.M.