Murder By Numbers stars Sandra Bullock as a homicide detective attempting to solve a murder case that involves two young men who believe that they have committed the perfect crime. Along with this task, she must also learn to cope with her new partner, played by Ben Chaplin, who is, well, somewhat plodding. Don’t be fooled by the Lethal Weapon premise, this film has much more heart and Bullock to boot.

If slapstick humor leaves you cold, then you’ll probably want to skip Frank McKlusky, C.I., which follows an insurance investigator who plays it safe in life after watching his father crash in a motorcycle accident. From wearing a helmet everywhere to preferring to be “the in-the-van guy” on his job, Frank is the ultimate safety geek who must overcome his fears when his partner is killed in the line of duty. This Ace Ventura-esque film just might make you laugh out loud, if not roll around on the floor.