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Everyone else, gear up for a bash.

On Nov. 15, as the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix kicks off in Austin, Texas, so will a party that’s every bit as glamorous as the prestigious race itself. Held during Grand Prix weekend, My Yacht Club (www.myyachtclub.com) is a lavish three-day shindig that will transform the Ballet Austin complex into a nightclub fit for princes. Last year, in fact, the Crown Prince of Bahrain himself dropped by.

For the event, the downtown locale will be split into two spaces: the Patrón Grand Prix Lounge and the Monaco Dance Room. The latter comes complete with a live DJ and bottle service of gold-flecked champagne. Tables start at $4,500 but fetch as much as $50,000 for up to 20 guests in a private section. Nightly attendance is limited to 500. Expect Formula 1 drivers, Hollywood celebs and assorted VIPs to be on hand.

This year marks the second-annual staging of the Grand Prix in Austin, and the entire city will be keeping pace. Other race-related attractions include an exhibit of 50 paintings by official Formula 1 artist Mark Dickens at Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery (Nov. 14-30, www.russell-collection.com). Serious motorheads, meanwhile, are sure to get revved up for Motostalgia, a gala and auction of more than 90 collector cars at the Austin Convention Center (Nov. 14-16, www.austinraceevents.com). At the Grand Prix, the checkered flag waves for only one driver. But with events like these, everybody wins.