Ford Motor Company’s Th!nk Mobility division has come up with a foursome of electrically powered bikes and on-road vehicles that get you where you want to go without the legwork and without polluting the environment. Two bikes, the foldable-frame Traveler ($1195) and fixed-frame Fun ($995), have power at the ready when you need help on the hills or for going long distances; both function as regular pedal bikes when the motor isn’t engaged. The Traveler can go up to 16 miles, at a top speed of 18 mph, before it needs recharging. Fun lasts for a little longer: 22 miles at a top speed of 20 mph.

The two- or four-passenger Th!nk Neighbor ($6,000) travels the ’hood at a top speed of 25 mph, and needs recharging after 30 miles. Ford proposes commercial applications, such as maintenance and security. Look for the two-passenger City on streets near you, traveling up to 56 mph for 53 miles before needing to be plugged in. For details, log on to Or, next time you’re in San Francisco, check out Hertz’ 15 City cars that are available for daily rental at Fisherman’s Wharf.