Here are some of our favorite places to go post-matchup — whether we’re celebrating a victory or drowning our sorrows.

College Station: What’s the one word you need to know when visiting the city that’s home to Texas A&M? Chicken. As in The Dixie Chicken. The restaurant/bar/
Aggie headquarters is an unofficial state treasure. Unless, of course, you’re wearing burnt orange.

Dallas: Win or lose, the bars and restaurants on either Lower Greenville or McKinney Avenue are the post-game hot spots. A cheeseburger and basket of cheese fries at Snuffer’s on Greenville will particularly hit the spot.

Detroit: A short drive from both the Detroit city limits and Ann Arbor, the town of Birmingham, Michigan, offers a wonderful little downtown area perfect for dining and entertainment. The Birmingham Theatre is an especially cool spot to catch a late-night movie.

Nashville: For first-time visitors to the capital of country music, a stop by the Grand Ole Opry is as expected as a Volunteers’ sellout each week. But we’ve got a Plan B — the Wildhorse Saloon, which offers football fans everything they want in a bar, except maybe the barroom brawl.

San Diego: The beach is always great, but if you’re sick of sand in your britches, make a night of it in the Gas Lamp District. A most excellent sports bar can be found 10 minutes outside the area at Seau’s (yes, we mean former Charger Junior Seau’s place on Camino del Rio).

San Francisco: Restring your racket and head to the Claremont Resort and Spa overlooking the UC Berkeley campus and San Francisco Bay. It’ll take some rather large bills to afford the stay, but it’s worth it, especially if you want to work in some serious tennis between football games.

South Bend: If you’ve made it here for a Notre Dame game, make sure you see the College Football Hall of Fame. Sure, Cooperstown and Canton are without peer, but this shrine will definitely get you in the mood for another crisp Saturday afternoon.