As quick as it is to make these meat entrees, you’re not going to start cooking them until after those special guests have arrived. Here’s where the greatness of the grill becomes even more apparent. Rather than serving your guests some premade hors d’oeuvres while you go to the grill, bring them right out to the fire and serve them an appetizer, hot off the grill. For this, nothing’s better than grilled clams. Simply wash them and put them on the grill, and when they open up (2 to 3 minutes), they’re done cooking. As soon as you put the clams on, mix some butter, white wine, salt, and pepper in a heavy disposable aluminum pan, and place it on the edge of the grill so the butter melts, but doesn’t burn. As the clams open, toss them into the butter, then let your guests help themselves. When the moment is right to start the meat, you’re out there by the fire ready to go, and your guests are already pretty pleased — not to mention impressed with your grilling prowess. — and C.S.