SHOPPING - Dolphin Galleries,(808) 661-5115. "Low-key enough that you don't feel that you're ina mall." Tyhe Eyecatcher, (808) 661-8844. "I likeMaui Jim Sunglasses. They look good, not too over the top."Lahaina Hat Company, (808) 661-8230. "I buy abouta half-dozen golf hats there every year."

NIGHTLIFE - Barefoot Bar at HulaGrill, (808) 667-6636. "It's right on the beach. And theyusually have a guitar or two." Kimo's, (808)661-4811. "Has a back deck that hangs out over the water."

ONE SPECIAL DAY IN MAUI "I ran into Bob Seger oneday. We had met 10 years before. I was in the pool at the hotelswimming with my daughter Meredith, who was 3 or 4. Bob camewalking by and said, 'Chris?' I looked up and said, 'Bob?' And Ihad to say to him, 'Bob, you're still the same,' which is, ofcourse, one of his songs. Big laugh. We talked for about ahalf-hour and then went to Chez Paul with our wives the next night.He's a big sports fan, and I'm a big rock-and-roll fan. It was along night, talking rock-and-roll and sports. To me, rock-and-roll,sports, and Maui are a pretty good triangle."


"If I could only do one thing in London, I would go to
a game at Fulham Football Club. Oh, god, yeah."