"ONE GREAT NIGHT IN DUBLIN "A few years ago wewent to see U2. The boys came out and played a two-hour set andjust took the house down. Then the bunch of us went into town andwent to the Pod, a rave club, and gave it a good lashing there.Then about 10 of us chipped in for a hotel room at The Merrion, sowe could get the late drink, until the wee hours, 8 or 9 or 10 inthe morning. There's no doubt that you won't get a better drinkin'town in the world than Dublin. I've been accused of promoting theIrish cliché. But it's part of who we are. It all revolves aroundconversation. Sitting in a pub with people you like and meeting newpeople and having a laugh with strangers over a load ofdrinks."


LODGING - Ka'anapali Ali'i, veryexpensive; (808) 667-1400. "We've stayed there 20 times. It's rightalong the strip in Ka'anapali." Maui Marriott Resort &Ocean Club, very expensive; (808) 667-1200. "The hotelsalong the strip are more luxurious."