PUBS - In, 011-353-1-275-0007."There's a place in a village named Dalkey called In, which doesgreat food." John Kehoe, 011-353-1-677-8312. "Theydo a good pint of Guinness, which is always very important."McDonagh's, 011-353-1-285-3285. "A lovely pub inDalkey, about a 25-minute drive from the city. I'm not joking, it'slike postcard Ireland." Sean O'Casey's,011-353-1-874-8675. "As smoky and smelly an Irish pub as you'llever get."

NIGHTLIFE The Abbey Theatre, 011-353-1-878-7222."The national theater of Ireland. W.B. Yeats is one of thefounders." Lillies Bordello, 011-353-1-679-9204."It's popular. You can go until 3 in the morning for drinks."Oliver St. John Gogartys Pub, 011-353-1-671-1822."It's in Temple Bar, which is recognized as the cultural center ofDublin." Renard's, 011-353-1-677-5876. "Downstairsis a nightclub and deejay, then upstairs is a pool table."

SIGHTS - Dublin Writers Museum,011-353-1-872-2077. "So rich with history and beautiful writing andstories." General Post Office, 011-353-1-705-7000."To my mind, the most famous building in Dublin. It's where a lotof the 1916 Easter Rising was fought." PhoenixPark, 011-353-1-677-0095. "The second biggest park inEurope." St. Stephens Green, 011-353-1-475-7816."It's a must-see, with beautiful gardens, flowers, and a waterfountain."