DINING - Abrakebabra, kebabs;multiple locations. "When I go home, I love getting Abrakebabra inme." Bewley's, Irish; 011-353-1-677-6761. "Afamous Dublin establishment that is very, very Irish."Chili Club, Thai; 011-353-1-677-3721. "Very smalland intimate, like a living room, with great food."Dobbins, wine bistro; 011-353-1-661-3321. "Has ageneral European kind of menu. And there's a great wine list, oneof the largest in Dublin." Elephant & Castle,hamburgers and more; 011-353-1-679-3121. "It's a lovely restaurantfor a bit of brunch." Flanagan's, coffee shop;011-353-1-475-0225. "You have got to try an Irish fry. You get yourpot of tea, your sausages, your rashers, your black-and-whitepudding, your fried eggs, your beans, and your white or browntoast." Johnnie Fox's Pub, Irish restaurant/pub;011-353-1-295-5647. "It's up in the mountains, about 45 minutesoutside of Dublin. It's known as the highest pub in Ireland."La Stampa, French; 011-353-1-677-4444. "Frenchcuisine. Great wine list." Thornton's,continental; 011-353-1-478-7008. "Thornton's has two Michelinstars. It's quite fancy and upper class."Trocadero, European; 011-353-1-677-5545. "Dublin'sequivalent of Joe Allen's in New York: all the theater, film, andTV actors go there."