ONE GREAT DAY IN NEW MEXICO "Bandelier NationalMonument is where the Anasazi civilization once lived. You can goup into the apartments built into the sides of the hills in theclay. You sit up in one of these little apartments and you look outthese round adobe clay windows and you see down into the center ofthe city of the tribe. You see all these beautiful stones laid outin circles, where everybody used to meet and caucus and have dancesand parties and wingdings at night. You get a very strong sense ofan important civilization going on. You don't feel like it's somelittle small-time thing."


LODGING - Le Meridien Shelbourne,expensive; 011-353-1-663-4500. "Le Meridien has a great old Dublinambience." The Merrion, very expensive;011-353-1-603-0600. "A new hotel that's an old-Dublin-style hotelas well." Morrison Hotel, expensive;011-353-1-887-2400. "If you want trendier restaurants andminimalist furniture, stay at the Morrison."