NIGHTLIFEArena Theatre, (713)988-1020. "They have good concerts that are really intimate."The Roxy, (713) 850-7699. "When somebody aks,'Where should I go?' I usually recommend The Roxy."

SHOPPINGBebe, (713) 622-2113. "Alot of great clothes that aren't as expensive as other namebrands." The Galleria, (713) 622-0663. "TheGalleria has everything for everybody." Hymie's Fur &Leather, (713) 666-7852. "Hymie's makes Destiny's Child'scustomized leather and furs; that's what he specializes in."The Turquoise Lady, (713) 627-0973. "Everywhere Igo people always ask me where I get my jewelry, because it's sooriginal, and it's from The Turquoise Lady."

"We did the last performance ever at The Astrodome earlier thisyear. It was such a historical place and so many events havehappened there, for us to end it was really great. It wasdefinitely one of the most exciting performances we've ever had.There's nothing better than performing in your hometown, and toknow that The Astrodome was such a huge landmark, and that we werethe last people to perform there was an honor for us."