SHOPPINGThe Bay, departmentstore; (604) 681-6211. "The Bay has rugged wear I think anybodywould enjoy."
Holt Renfrew, department store; (604) 681-3121. "Sort of like theSaks of Canada." Roots, outdoor wear; (604)683-4305. "I love Roots for their leather goods and theirsweatshirts and their letter jackets."

SKIINGWhistler Blackcomb, (604)932-3434. "The best ski resort in the world."

NIGHTLIFEAu Bar, (604) 648-2227."Au Bar is a place you go after hours. It has a DJ and is openuntil 2." Ginger Sixty Two, (604) 688-5494. "It'slaid-back, informal, and intimate." Voda, (604)684-3003. "If I've had a nice long dinner and wanted to burn somecalories, I'd go dancing at Voda."

WHERE IT ALL STARTED IN VANCOUVER "I did theaterat a place called the Lunch Box Theater, which was in a converteddoughnut shop. We would do a play for an hour, and then theaudience would eat lunches that the actors actually made. Therewere no dressing rooms. There were bleachers that had been cartedin from god-knows-where and a very small stage. Some days, we wouldhave like eight people in the audience and some days we would havea full house."