NIGHTLIFEBlues Alley, jazz club;(202) 337-4141. "It's intimate, and all the headliners go there."The John F. Kennedy Center for the PerformingArts, performing arts center; (202) 467-4600. "Go toanything at the Kennedy Center. There's always three or fourdifferent things going on. And there's nothing like the view fromthe terrace overlooking the Potomac."

ONE GREAT DAY IN D.C. "I arrived in Washington onJuly Fourth weekend in 1981. I was a junior in college. I rememberwalking around the Mall all day and then sitting up by the Capitolthat night for the fireworks display. Then, on the followingMonday, I took the subway into work for the first time. I came outof the subway and saw the Capitol dome lit up against a perfectlyblue sky. It inspired me. I knew it was the place I wanted to be.From that first day, I was hooked."


"Vancouver's Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is the bestplace to experience the great Canadian forests. It's like anenchanted forest. You are walking along these trails, but to theright and left of you is just absolute wilderness."