"When Clinton was first inaugurated, we drove into D.C. ona bus and stopped off at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house. AtMonticello, you see Jefferson's genius."

LODGINGRitz-Carlton WashingtonD.C., very expensive; (202) 835-0500. "In a perfectlocation right between Georgetown and Dupont Circle."

DININGA.V. Ristorante Italiano,Italian; (202) 737-0550. "It's straight out of the Rat Pack - 1950sItalian food. Lots of red sauce, little fireplace in the back,jukebox." Austin Grill, Tex-Mex; (202) 337-8080."They have great migas and fresh tortillas." Galileo daRoberto Donna, Italian; (202) 293-7191. "It's like aTuscan farmhouse plopped down in the middle of D.C."Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe, American; (202)387-1462. "You've got books in the front and a cafe in the back.They have a great lunch and the world's most friendly andfascinating manager. He knows everyone in town." The MarketLunch, American; (202) 547-8444. "In the back corner ofthis farmer's market, there's a breakfast bar. You just walk up andget a paper plate. It's real down-home." Nathans,American; (202) 338-2000. "It's at the crossroads of M Street andWisconsin, so it's in the heart of the action. It's owned by alongtime CNN reporter and producer, so a lot of people hang outthere." Palm Restaurant, American; (202) 293-9091."It's the power restaurant, heavy on the political crowd."Pizzeria Paradiso, pizza; (202) 223-1245. "There'salways a line, but it's worth it."