NIGHTLIFEAntone's, (512)474-5314. "Probably the most famous live music bar in Austin."The Backyard, (512) 263-4146. "An outdooramphitheater under the trees." Continental Club,(512) 441-2444. "An Austin landmark. Everybody's played there."Four Seasons' Lobby Lounge, (512) 685-8150. "Greatcouches, great chairs, big fireplace. Not too bright, not too dark.It's fantastic." Lucky Lounge, (512) 479-7700."It's a very basic bar, with nice lighting, good music, a friendlystaff, and a cool pool table in the front." Stubb'sBar-B-Q, (512) 480-8341. "In the front they have barbecue,and in the back a bar and stage for live music."

ONE INSPIRING DAY IN AUSTIN "To me, the greatestthing about this city is not that it supported me through mysuccesses, but through my illness. In 1996, when I was diagnosed, Ihad never won the Tour de France and nobody outside of Austin oroutside of my sport really knew who I was. But when I got sick itmade the news here and people absolutely supported me. One day inthe grocery store a guy stopped me and said, 'We're thinking aboutyou, and we hope you get better.' And he walked away. This city,unlike other big cities that have pro football, pro baseball, probasketball, looks at other sports. So it was a good place for me tosettle down and be a pro athlete."