"The Texas State Capitol is a great spot. It's a beautiful,massive building. I'm a sucker for old buildings."

LODGINGThe Driskill, expensive;(800) 252-9367. "It has a great history and newly remodeled rooms,suites, restaurant, and bar." Four Seasons Hotel,expensive; (512) 478-4500. "It's downtown on Town Lake. If somebodycame into town, it's where I would direct them."

DININGHudson's on the Bend, Texascuisine; (512) 266-1369. "It has a great wine cellar and verydifferent food - gamy, spicy food." Hula Hut,Mexican; (512) 476-4852. "Great food, big dishes, greatmargaritas." Maudie's Café, Mexican; (512)473-3740. "It's in a shopping center, but it has great Mexicanfood." Mirabelle, international; (512) 346-7900."We like it because the guy who runs it is a wonderful guy, with agreat knowledge of food and wine." The Oasis,Tex-Mex; (512) 266-2442. "It's out on Lake Travis, and they claimto have the best sunsets in Texas." The Salt Lick,barbecue; (512) 894-3117. "It has a huge pit where they cookeverything. You sit on benches and the smell is incredible."Sweetish Hill, bakery; (512) 472-1347. "Theirmorning glory muffins are great." Upper CrustBakery, bakery; (512) 467-0102. "You have to have thecinnamon rolls. They're unlike any I've ever had. They're sinful."Z-Tejas Grill, Southwestern; (512) 478-5355. "It'smore-continental Mexican food."