NIGHTLIFEWill & Toby's,011-61-2-9356-3255. "A small exclusive lounge/ bar with fantasticcocktails."

SHOPPINGEarth Food Store,011-61-2-9365-5098. "An organic supermarket where I used to buyvegetarian wraps and organic pasta sauces." Luxe,011-61-2-9235-2222. "Has some really unique clothing."Rocks Market, 011-61-2-9240-8717. "Has classicAustralian art pieces."

SIGHTSFeatherdale Wildlife Park,011-61-2-9622-1644. "Has a lot of kangaroos. And you get to feedthem." Sydney Harbour Bridge, 011-61-2-9240-1100."You can actually walk up the high part of the bridge, the arch ofit. You see everything, the whole harbor.

"ONE GREAT THING ABOUT SYDNEY "I grew up inBerkeley Vale, and my local beaches were Shelly Beach and BateauBay Beach. I remember being on the beach from 8 in the morninguntil dark. That is the strongest memory I have of my youth. Thatand climbing trees. I think that in Australia, especially in thesmall beach towns, everything has something to do with nature.Australia's nature is reflected in its people."


"I love the skyline of downtown."