"The one thing to know is that Sydney is cold in winter. Soyou need a scarf and a jacket. People sometimes think Australia isalways hot, but it's not. "

LODGINGAna Harbour Grand HotelSydney, expensive; 011-61-2-9250-6111. "It's right acrossfrom the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I've never stayedthere, but the views are supposed to be great." WHotel, expensive; 011-61-2-9331-9000. "It's kind of funkybut not too posh, not too over-the-top."

DININGBistro Lulu, French;011-61-2-9380-6888. "A great French-style bistro surrounded byfantastic shopping." Bodhi Cafe, Australian;011-61-2-9281-6162. "It's very small with big wooden tables andbenches. It's quite communal eating." Hugo's,modern Australian; 011-61-2-9300-0900. "It's at Bondi Beach and isgreat for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon."Matsuri, Japanese; 011-61-2-9690-1336. "If youwant Japanese, Matsuri has brilliant sushi." NovePizzeria, pizza and pasta; 011-61-2-9368-7488. "It's rightnext to Otto's, but is a bit more low-key."
Otto Ristorante Italiano, Italian; 011-61-2-9368-7488. "You can sitinside or out overlooking the water." Tetsuya's,Japanese/French; 011-61-2-9267-2900. "I like it for modern Asianfood." Unkai, Japanese; 011-61-2-9250-6123. "Youdon't go there for atmosphere; you go for amazing Japanesefood."