NIGHTLIFEAdmiral's Inn, Antigua;(268) 460-1027. "It's where all the yachties go." Bete AZ'ailes, St. Barts; 011-590-590-29-74-09. "A great placefor music on the harbor." Comp[leat Angler,Bahamas; (242) 347-3122. "Hemingway lived there; it influenced TheOld Man and the Sea." Happy People Marina,Bahamas; (242) 355-2008. "Happy People has a great dance floor."Kaye's, Bahamas; (242) 331-2816. "Kaye's is on RumCay, which is down at the end of the Bahamas. It's a very remote,very beautiful island." Le Ti-St.Barths, St.Barts; 011-590-590-27-97-71. "It's as close to the misbehaving thatI remember when I owned my own hotel on St. Barts."

ATTRACTIONSBob Marley Museum,Jamaica; (876) 927-9152. "It's a funky little place, but worthgoing to."

ONE HUNGRY DAY IN THE CARIBBEAN "I can tell youhow 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' got written. It was 1974, and I wason my very first boat, a 33-foot sailboat. We sailed from Poncewith a broken bow sprit, and it was a rough passage. We got off theboat in Road Town and were dying for a cheeseburger after being atsea for 10 days eating fish. And there, like an oasis, was thisbrand-new restaurant. We had about three cheeseburgers each. As Iwas walking out, I saw a package in the kitchen and the label waswritten in French: Cuoderrie Produit de Cheval. Do you know whatcheval is? Horse. I went back to the guy and said, 'You've got agood idea here, but you've got to take the horse meat off themenu.' We went back the next day and the owner had gotten realhamburger, and we sampled the cheeseburgers again. I wrote the songright there: 'Cheeseburger in paradise, heaven on earth with anonion slice.'"