DINING - Brookline Lunch, diner;(617) 354-2983. "An old-fashioned mom-and-pop greasy spoon that hasgreat breakfasts." B-Side Lounge, new American;(617) 354-0766. "Good food, nice atmosphere." Charlie'sKitchen, American; (617) 492-9646. "A nice divvy kind ofdiner/bar." Elephant Walk, Cambodian/ French;(617) 492-6900. "They have a great spring roll." Grendel'sDen, eclectic; (617) 491-1160. "Has good wings."Hi-Fi Pizza & Subs, Italian; (617) 492-4600."A place you can get pizza at 2 in the morning."Leo's, burgers; (617) 354-9192. "The doublecheeseburger plate is one of the most sinfully exquisite treatsyou'll ever know in your life." Middle East,Middle Eastern; (617) 864-3278. "The music's always good, and thefood is superb." Pinocchio's, pizza; (617)876-4897. "They've got great deep-dish and thin-crust pizza."Rialto, Mediterranean; (617) 661-5050. "Every timeI've gone it's been good." Sonsie, international;(617) 351-2500. "You might, every now and again, run into one ofthe Red Sox eating there."

NIGHTLIFE/ENTERTAINMENT - AmericanRepertory Theater, (617) 547-8300. "It's where I saw someof the best theater in my lifetime." Cantab, (617)354-2685. "Cantab was kind of a working people's bar. Now it'sbecome a more college, alternative place." TrinityRepertory Company, (401) 521-1100. "If you don't minddriving 40 minutes, the Trinity in Providence does excellentwork."