SHOPPINGGhirardelli Square, (415)775-5500. "It's an old chocolate and spice factory that's now fullof great little shops." Moe's Books>, (510)849-2087. "They have books stacked all the way up to the ceiling."Rasputin Music, (800) 350-8700. "They still sellvinyl here, but they've got a lot of new and used CDs."Shakespeare % Co., (510) 841-8916. "Berkeley isfamous for the bookstores up on Telegraph."

MIGHTLIFEAshkenaz, (510)525-5054. "A great place to go dancing. It's just got a greatvibe." Townhouse Bar & Grill, (510) 652-6151."Townhouse is where I would go and have a drink. Their food isfantastic, too."

ONE GREAT DAY IN THE BAY AREA "When I was a littlegirl I remember driving across the Bay Bridge with my grandpa. Mysister and I were in the back seat. We could see everything: EastBay, Marin County, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, thePeninsula. He was looking out at the view and said, 'Girls, look atthat and never forget it. It's the most beautiful place you'll eversee.' I hadn't traveled that much yet, but since then I've traveledall over the world, and I've rarely seen any place more beautifulthan the Bay Area. I never forgot what my grandpa told me."