SIGHTSCologne Cathedral, Cologne;011-49-221-92-584730. "It's our Empire State Building."Römish-germanisches Museum, Cologne;011-49-221-22-122372. "Where a lot of Roman art is displayed."

ONE INSPIRING DAY IN GERMANY "When the Berlin Wallcame down, we drove there and helped pick the wall apart. Peoplewere on the wall hammering pieces, and I was right there, takingpieces. Everybody was so excited. No one really knew what thatmeant for the country yet. Everyone wanted to have a piece of thathistory. I have a picture of me standing on top of the wall, withmy hammer in my hand. It was being part of history. I wasthere."


LODGINGFour Seasons Toronto,expensive; (416) 964-0411. "The rooms are spectacular, with aresidential feel." Le Royal Meridien King Edward,expensive; (416) 863-3131. "Hands down the number-one spot for meto stay in Toronto."

DININGCoco Lezzone Grill & PortoBar, Mediterranean/Italian; (416) 535-1489. "Their roastedveggies are out of this world." Dhaba, Indian;(416) 740-6622. "They cook a lot of their meats, poultry, and fishin tandoori ovens." Nami Seafood, Japanese; (416)362-7373. "Their specialty is traditional Japanese fare, includingsushi and sashimi." The Real Jerk, Caribbean;(416) 463-6055. "It has an authentic Caribbean menu with everythingyou would want." Sushi Bistro, Japanese; (416)971-5315. "A hip sushi joint."