DINING - Blue Marlin, Cologne;sushi/seafood; 011-49-221-2570651. "You can sit at the sushi bar orhave a nice dinner in the dining room." Dallmayr,Munich; delicatessen; 011-49-89-2135100. "Like in the States youhave Starbucks, in Munich you have Dallmayr specialty coffee."Fischerhaus, Hamburg; German; 011-49-40-314053."You can get great herring here." Hofbrauhaus amPlatz, Munich; German; 011-49-89-221676. "The most famousbeer hall in the world." Le Jardin, Berlin; hotelrestaurant; 011-49-30-895-840. "Breakfast there is amazing."Maca-Ronni, Cologne; Italian; 011-49-221-255959."A famous place where the stars eat when they come to town."Restaurant Dieter Müller, Bergisch Gladbach; hotelrestaurant; 011-49-22-022040. "People fly in from all over Europeto eat there." Sands, Hamburg; Asian;011-49-40-454444. "Good if you don't want a traditional sit-downdinner and want more of a lounge/restaurant/bar."Steinernes Haus, Frankfurt; German;011-49-69-283491. "It's 100 years old, so they must be doingsomething right." Tiger, Frankfurt; Mediterranean;011-49-69-92-002250. "A one-star Michelin restaurant that not onlyhas great food, but the most famous cabaret in town."Toto, Hamburg; Italian; 011-49-40-447969. "If youwant Italian, it's Toto."