LODGING - The Dorchester, veryexpensive; 011-44-207-629-8888. "I'm told it has the world'sfastest, most delicious room service." Raffles Brown'sHotel, very expensive; 011-44-207-493-6020. "It's very OldWorld, romantic, tucked away in the heart of Mayfair."

DINING192, modern British;011-44-207-229-0482. "If you want to eat in Notting Hill, the mosttypical place is 192. It's full of Bridget Jones types."Assaggi, Italian; 011-44-207-792-9033. "I supposeyou'd call it unmessed-about Italian. It's not heavy or saucy."Finch's, pub; 011-44-207-351-5043. "I've beengoing to Finch's for 20 years now. I still have a great fondnessfor it." The Ivy, European; 011-44-207-836-4751."It's very traditional British cooking done at its best."Le Caprice, brasserie; 011-44-207-629-2239. "Thefood is completely delicious." Nam-Long-Le-Shaker,Vietnamese; 011-44-207-373-1926. "It has a great bar with the mostlethal cocktails in England." Riva, Italian;011-44-208-748-0434. "Absolutely delicious Italian." Starof India, Indian; 011-44-207-373-2901. "Curry is mycomfort food." Vingt-Quatre, European;011-44-207-376-7224. "They do a very good full Englishbreakfast."