Over the past 23 issue, American Way has spotlighted some of the world's hottest celebrities on its covers. Perhaps you were on a plane and spotted Hugh Grant's piercing baby blues peeking out from our May 15 issue. Or maybe you glimpsed Emmitt Smith suited up, not in a Cowboys uniform, but in classy custom duds on our November 15 issue shortly after his record-breaking run. If you missed any of our celebrity tours, we recap them all in this special issue.
From Lauren Hutton to Lance Armstrong, if they have that rare starquality, they've probably been in the pages of AmericanWay, in our signature Celebrated Weekend cover story,combining actor, athlete, etc. with one of their most belovedplaces. This year's crop was so good, in fact, that we wanted toshare them with you one more time. Check it out - you'll surelyfind some of your favorite celebrities, not to mention tips onwhere to go in some of your favorite cities.

LODGING - The Charles Hotel,expensive; (617) 864-1200. "You don't have that sense that youcould be staying in any hotel from Seattle to Miami."