San Francisco restaurant critic
Mother to Jake, 19, and Julia, 16

The kids love to eat steamed mussels with white wine broth, lamb shanks, tomato and goat cheese on baguettes, and grilled lobster.

She says: "Interest and excitement about food is infectious - if you are enthusiastic about food, your kids will be, too. To encourage their taste for healthy fruits and vegetables when they were toddlers, I introduced Julia and Jake to local farmer's markets and fruit stands. Children generally love to pick their own produce. At farmer's markets, for instance, kids can make the connection between the juicy peach they bite into and the peach they will eat later in a fresh salsa or low-cal sauce."

Owner of award-winning restaurant Bin 36 in Chicago
Father to Madeline, 5, and Nina, 2

The kids love to eat all vegetables, steamed shellfish and lobster, grilled salmon steaks, and crab cakes.

He says: "I know it's hard to do, but my wife and I never offer our kids alternatives to the foods we serve at home. It may be stressful at first, thinking that your kids will starve, but, of course, they don't. I'd like to think that we wear them down with loving patience until they eat a healthy, nutritious meal.

"My wife, Naomi, and I also urge our daughters to be part of the preparation, and Madeline helps make her own blueberry pancakes by cleaning berries and mixing batter. We take the time to explain kitchen procedures to them, and we always prepare fresh, well- seasoned, interesting food."

Executive chef at Tribute, recently voted best restaurant in Michigan by Gourmet
Father to Brandon, 9, Emily, 6, and Bridget, 2

The kids love to eat sushi and sashimi, any kind of risotto, pasta primavera, beef sukiyaki braised in sake and soy, and chilled tofu.