Chef of New York's Tabla restaurant, and award-winning former executive sous chef of Lespinasse
Father to Peter, 8, and Justin, 4

The kids love to eat raw oysters, soft-shell crabs, escargot, rare steak, lentils, and all vegetables.

He says: "I was born in Bombay and cook mostly French and Indian food at home, and I've never forced my kids to eat anything. They are very healthy eaters, too. At home, cooking simple, balanced meals is vital, and I teach my children that it's an honor to cook - and eat - good food. Just yesterday, Peter was cutting strawberries and considered it a privilege to be in the kitchen, because he was finally old enough to wield a knife.

"We also dine out frequently and make it a rule to keep restaurant meals to 90 minutes or less so the boys sustain interest and don't get cranky. Also, as soon as we're seated, I tell the servers to bring low-fat crackers or breadsticks to the table. Depending on the restaurant, I may also bring carrot sticks to keep Peter and Justin happily occupied."

Producer and host of the Good Eating Show on Chicagoland TV in Chicago
Father to Madeline, 4, and Max, 1

The kids love to eat pad Thai, shrimp dumplings, hummus, roasted beets and other vegetables, boiled sashimi octopus, and most ethnic foods.

He says: "When Madeline was three weeks old, my wife, Amy, and I took her to our favorite local dim sum restaurant because we wanted her to become comfortable with loud, boisterous restaurants. Today, as a result, she can sleep through a tornado. When they're very young, babies are extremely portable and impressionable, and it's the perfect time to introduce them to daring culinary experiences. Plus, if you're lucky, they sleep right through dinner. Today, when the dim sum cart rolls around, 4-year-old Madeline still chooses her favorites, like Chinese sausage in banana leaf and barbecued pork bun. She loves playing with the chopsticks, too."