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We spun the globe and found more than a few places where designer goods and designer food go hand in hand.

When you’re a seasoned shopper, it’s one thing to score a coat or a pair of shoes so cool that it sends shivers down your spine. But when you manage to stumble into a store that has a café with food so divine that it has a similar effect on your state of consciousness — then you’ve really hit the jackpot.

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Colette’s basement café in Paris
A Chicago: Macy’s
Confession — we usually go for the more intimate, boutique-y stores when shopping. But, hey, who can argue with A Macy’s Walnut Room, an institution since 1907? Black-tie service, killer views and a wine bar. Chicken potpie and Frango Mint ice cream pie won the toss here.
111 N. State St., 7th floor; (312) 781-4884,

B London: 202
This hip lifestyle boutique offers cool finds from designer men’s and women’s clothing collections, as well as home furnishings and other miscellany, while the café offers dishes that are as diverse as they are distinct. Opt for either the fish tacos with coriander and lime, or the hot dog with piccalilli, fried onions and mustard.
202-204 Westbourne Grove, (44) 207-792-6888

C Melbourne, Australia: Captains of Industry
This shop is a must for men who prefer bespoke clothing designed out of English and Italian fabrics, custom-made shoes, trendy haircuts and refined food. Speaking of which, try the artichoke toastie, with butter beans, rocket and parmesan followed by a Mars Bars crackle. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense once you’re there.
2 Somerset Place, Level 1; (03) 9642-5013,

D New York: Armani
At this modern atelier, distinct clothing, aesthetics and food come together on a level that only the master of class could achieve. Fashionwise, we’ll take it all, but on the food front, our picks lean toward the Trevisan radicchio salad with pear and fresh sheep’s-milk ricotta, then raviolo stuffed with caciotta cheese, flavored with marjoram and served with cherry tomato sauce.
717 5th Ave., (212) 207-1902,

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The elegant Walnut Room at Macy’s in Chicago
E Paris: Colette
The original concept store (fancy speak for saying it was the first boutique of its kind), Colette offers something for everyone, from designer fashion to art, high-tech gadgets, beauty products and more. Ditto at the basement café. Sure there are soufflés and other dishes très French, but there are also salads, American cheeseburgers and sweets galore — plus an awe-inspiring 100-plus mineral waters from around the world.
213 Rue Saint-Honoré, (33) 155-35-33-90,

F Tokyo: Gucci
One word says it all. The café is an insider’s secret. Think Italian food with just the right amount of glitz. Try the frico, a crispy-cheese Italian favorite, followed by delicate chocolates with the Gucci motif. (Buy some to take home; you can’t get them anywhere else in the world.)
4-4-10 Ginza, (81) 3-3562-8112,