Interested in staying healthy and lean every day of the year, even if you spend more time on the road than at home? A few common-sense practices will help you avoid the major pitfall of dieters — not food itself, but the lack of good-quality food.

1. When flying at high altitudes, fluids move from inner cells to outer cells, causing dehydration. We all know to drink a lot of water, but also be aware of the effects of caffeine and alcohol. A good rule of thumb is for each caffeinated beverage or glass of alcohol, drink an additional glass of water.

2. Most restaurants are willing to prepare special meals. Try egg-white omelets or dry-grilled chicken fajitas instead of their less healthy counterparts. Eat as close to your departure time as possible, and order a healthy meal to take with you on longer flights.

3. Healthy snacks such as carrots, rice cakes, baked chips, protein bars, and vacuum-sealed tuna packs are all great for traveling.

4. And at the end of the day, it’s better to eat a bad meal than to skip one.