• Origami, Power folding stroller

Buying a stroller nowadays is almost like buying a new car — there are so many varie­ties and features, shopping for one can be overwhelming. But one feature your car (and your old stroller) doesn’t have is the ability to collapse itself at the press of one magical button, like the new Origami, the world’s first power-folding stroller. Which is why your decision should now be that much easier. But, if you’re still on the fence, the sleek, robotic buggy is also souped up with daytime running lights to make you and baby more visible; an LCD “dashboard” that displays the temperature, your speed and how far you’ve strolled; and an optional cellphone charger. The rest of the specs rattle off like those of a new car: sunroof; ­reclining seat; four-wheel suspension and luggage-style wheels that allow you to turn corners and maneuver tight spaces with ease; four cup holders for your Starbucks latte, baby bottle and other accoutrements; and a decent amount of storage. Not sure how much baby will dig it, but for the one doing all the pushing, this high-tech carriage is pretty ahead of the curve. The Origami may cause some sticker shock at $850, but compared to some other luxury strollers out there, it’s a pretty sweet deal.