Though DJ Vice (née Eric Aguirre) is based in Los Angeles, he doesn’t spend much time there. Rather, the sought-after club DJ is constantly flying to gigs worldwide and to Las Vegas each week for his Saturday and Sunday residencies at nightclubs Tao and Lavo.

Vice expects to be on the go for much of 2013 as well, with back-to-back tours planned in Europe and Asia. We asked the globe-trekking DJ, an Executive Platinum flier who logs thousands of miles with American Airlines each year, for his top three travel tips.

Charged Up
“I always pack my Belkin mini surge protector with USB charger because at an airport or hotel, there’s often just one spare outlet, and I need to charge my two laptops, iPad and two cellphones.”

Free Your Feet
“I own two shoe stores [CRSVR in Santa Barbara, Calif., and Las Vegas], so I know what works for my feet when I’m traveling: Nike Free. I can smash them up in my bag, then put them on for a sprint through the terminal if I’m late and work out in them the next day. Packing the Frees helps me get everything in my carry-on.”

Know Thy Seat
“I’ve been using SeatGuru for eight years, long before TripAdvisor acquired it. It’s run by travelers and lets me see which seats have plugs, which have in-seat entertainment and which might be hot or cold. Several times, I’ve found an economy row that’s better but not more expensive.”