Lavender Chocolate Bar, $3
Lavender essence and sun-dried wild blueberries give this subtle-yet-intense dark chocolate bar a flavor twist. Dagoba Organic Chocolate, (800) 393-6075,

Lavender-Honey Chocolates, $27 (15-piece box)
Sweet perfection: A smooth swirl of lavender, wildflower honey, and cream imparts an ethereal flavor to these dark chocolates. John & Kira’s Chocolates, (800) 747-4808,

Tranquility Bar, $4.50
Delicate milk chocolate gets surprisingly zesty with the addition of lavender and lime blossom. NewTree, (415) 785-1185,

Experience Bar and Flashback Bar, $2
Get your groove on with Purple Haze’s milk (Experience) and dark (Flashback) chocolate bars. Purple Haze Lavender, (888) 852-6560,

Lavender-Honey Caramels, $30 (12-Piece english garden collection)
Mild Spanish lavender honey and creamy caramel are teased into a delicious milk chocolate confection. Moonstruck Chocolate Co., (800) 557-6666,