FROM LEFT: Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Kevin Kline.
Everett Collection
Named one of the 100 Funniest American Movies of All Time by the American Film Institute, A Fish Called Wanda stars a pair of Monty Python alumni (John Cleese and Michael Palin), a daft Kevin Kline (who won an Oscar for his game work) and JAMIE LEE CURTIS (as the titular con woman). On the 25th anniversary of the film’s release, Curtis recalls the making of the comedy gem — and the hazards of having such funny cast mates. 

“The trouble with working with so many gifted, hilarious performers is that, sadly, I am a terrible laugher. I ruin many takes for great comic performers, so I think they all, including Mr. Kline, must hate me. I would hate me if I were them. There’s that famous bedroom scene between Kevin and me, where he seduces me with Italian, and I just couldn’t keep it together. He was so good, so funny! I would ruin take after take. I had to have a pillow over my face because I just couldn’t keep from laughing. He shouldn’t complain; he won an Oscar for his work.”