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THESE 2002 WORLD CUP co-hosts have two proverbial chances to hold the World Cup trophy aloft: slim and none. In 2002, Korea Republic registered a 3-2-2 mark and finished fourth. In other competitions, the Koreans are 1-11-5. Japan recorded a 2-1-1 mark and reached the second round. But in other Cups, the Japanese are 0-5-1.


1 A Third World country will surprise a soccer power with a win or a tie.

2 A player will argue with his coach and then be sent home.

3 A gaffe by a referee or linesman will decide a close game.

4 A star player will miss a key penalty kick during a tiebreaker.

5 One country will offer a team myriad riches if it advances or does well.

6 A coach will be ejected.

7 Brazil’s fans will samba for 31 days.

8 When the host team wins a game, its fans will party all night.

9 The broadcast signal for one game will be sent to the wrong country.

10 A player will be suspended for taking drugs.

11 A relatively unknown player will be given international acclaim for scoring a vital goal.

12 One coach will be fired a day after his team is eliminated.

13 A superpower will finish second in its group but get an easier way through the tournament.

14 At least one superstar will experience a miserable World Cup.

15 A teenager will make a dynamic debut.

16 A veteran will play in his final competition in an emotional farewell.

17 A star will miss a game because his stomach has not adapted to the environment.

18 A team will accuse another of spying on its practice session.

19 A team will threaten to go on strike unless it receives more bonus money.

20 A team that has done horrendously during its World Cup warmups will surprise.