Mary Ellen Matthews/Corbis Outline

Finally fulfilled both personally and professionally, Michael Bublé has a lot to sing about.

Michael Bublé’s goal for his sixth studio album, To Be Loved (Reprise, $13), was simple: Simplify.

With the help of producer Bob Rock, the 37-year-old crooner took a streamlined approach to making music, recording each song with a live backing band — preferring a dynamic sound to a technically perfect one — and choosing songs that meant something to him, regardless of how much sense they made from a business standpoint. And why not? “It’s not math,” he reasons, “it’s music.

“We didn’t overthink arrangements; we didn’t worry about making things complicated,” reveals the native of Vancouver, British Columbia. “We kept asking ourselves how does it feel? Does it feel good?”

If his choices seem emotionally driven, there’s good reason for it; Bublé can’t help but lead with his heart these days. Having wed Argentinian model and actress Luisana Lopilato in 2011, Bublé announced in January that they’re expecting their first child — a boy — later this year. Though he maintains his sense of humor when discussing his hopes for his son (“I hope my wife passes along her looks”), the self-­deprecating singer gets serious when he talks about his wife and their expanding family.

“I loved her before I got married, and I loved her when I got married, but I didn’t know that I could love her this much,” he says. “With this record, when you hear it, you’ll sort of hear where I’m at. I’m just happy.”

That Bublé has made it to this point is no accident. He grew up working summers on his father’s fishing boat and performing at nightclubs whenever his grandfather, a plumber, could sweet-talk an owner into giving the 16-year-old Sinatra soundalike a set in exchange for plumbing work. After years of performing at weddings, malls, conventions and hotel lounges, he was eventually signed to David Foster’s label and has since sold 40 million records and filled stadiums around the world. Now the devout hockey fan (and part-owner of the Western Hockey League’s Vancouver Giants) collects a puck from each place he visits — reminders of how far he’s come.

“It’s the journey that’s so amazing, you know?” he says. “As much as I look for the end goal, it’s the journey that’s so important.”

With fatherhood on the horizon, Bublé is finding that road much easier to navigate.

“I know it sounds strange, but with this baby coming, it’s just a lot easier to put things in perspective and to be thankful for what I have,” he says. “Things have become very simple.”